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COVID-19 apps for the ObGyn health care provider

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Three apps to help clinicians keep up with COVID-19 information and treatment guidance



In the midst of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, health care providers, including ObGyns, need up-to-date information to keep pace with the ever-changing health care crisis. Literature regarding obstetric populations is emerging in journals.1,2 General guidance in the management of COVID-19–positive patients may also be helpful to the ObGyn provider. Although scientific journals are now publishing COVID-19 research at warp speed, those same journals tend to be too specialized for general readers.3 Mobile apps may make the information more accessible.

This app review focuses on 3 apps that provide information about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and detail general guidance for treatment of COVID-19–positive patients. An initial search in early April 2020 of major national health care organizations and ObGyn-specific organizational apps yielded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) app. A subsequent search in the app stores using the term “COVID” yielded 2 additional apps: the Osler COVID Learning Centre app and the Relief Central app.

The CDC app contains a COVID-19-specific section that highlights pertinent information for health care providers as well as a section on caring for the obstetric patient. The Osler app includes podcasts and videos on critical care for noncritical care providers. Finally, the Relief Central app contains updated information on screening and treatment for COVID-19. The TABLE features details of the 3 apps.

Each app is evaluated based on a shortened version of the APPLICATIONS scoring system, APPLI (app comprehensiveness, price, platform, literature use, and important special features).4

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