Peer mentorship, groups help combat burnout in female physicians



– Female physicians are at higher risk for burnout compared with their male counterparts, and the reasons and potential solutions for the problem were addressed at a symposium during the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.

The work environment for women has improved over time, but lingering implicit and unconscious biases are part of the reason for the high burnout rate among women who are physicians, as are some inherent biological differences, according to Cynthia M. Stonnington, MD, of the Mayo Clinic, Phoenix.

In this video interview, Dr. Stonnington, symposium chair, discussed potential solutions, including facilitated peer mentorship and group support. She also reviewed recent data on how group support can be of benefit, and noted that “there is power in numbers.

It is imperative that women ... band together and find a way to support each other,” she said.

Dr. Stonnington reported having no disclosures.

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