Under My Skin



Asking what an emeritus does all day sounds fair, but the question is harder to answer than it sounds.

Under My Skin

Rules of incivility

Our job, often hard, is to always be civil. Society has zero tolerance for our ever being anything else.

Under My Skin

Rescue fantasies

In Walter Mitty moments, many of us daydream of glory: We’ll make that big discovery, score that disruptive app, homer in the bottom of the ninth...

Under My Skin


Fear mystifies. Fear masquerades. Fear can be trivial or terrifying. But fear is always there.

Under My Skin

Retail neurosis

When I stopped by last August to pick up new eyeglass lenses, Harold the optician sat alone in his shop.

Under My Skin

“I go by thickness”

On car trips with our kids, we used to listen to comedy tapes. (Cassette tapes. Look them up.) One of our...

Under My Skin

Patient, heal thyself!

Octavio has prostate cancer. His prostate growth is large but localized.

“What do your doctors suggest?” I asked him.

“They sent me to...